The success of your initiatives is greatly influenced by setting a clear vision that aligns to stakeholder expectations.  Critical to that success is a realistic timeline for achieving the vision coupled along with appropriate resources and funding.  A strategic Roadmap can help establish this foundation for success, and program and project management ensures successful completion and that all goals are met.  Process change is critical to long-term success as business needs change and technology evolves.

​Alithya's strategic advisory services include proven project implementation methodology and a phased approach to ensure rich functionality, user buy-in, and quick return on investment (ROI).  With over 2,000 projects completed, our comprehensive experience enables us to facilitate project success from concept through completion.

EPM, BI, & BD RoadmapsSet a clear vision that aligns stakeholder expectations and establishes a foundation for success with a realistic timeline along with appropriate resources and funding.
Program & Project Management​Improve performance and transform the business with the management of multiple related projects to achieve success across the organization.  Leverage skilled resources, templates and techniques to manage the project life-cycle, monitor and measure project results.
​​​​​​​Process AnalysisIncrease efficiency of Oracle products and existing processes by optimizing systems, improving performance, and upgrading to newer product versions.

EPM, BI, & BD Roadmaps

We assist clients in preparing roadmaps that prove invaluable throughout a project implementation that touch multiple business processes with several software products and are deployed in a phased manner.

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Program & Project Management

Our skilled resources ensure that objectives are achieved for multiple projects by managing all aspects of the project life cycle, including the application of common standards and processes as well as the execution of projects. Our project managers focus on deliverables within the framework of project management processes to meet business goals and objectives.

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Process Analysis

Alithya drives process improvement by applying specialized business expertise throughout the entire project lifecycle from requirements/design to testing and system rollout.

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