Edgewater Ranzal offers services to capitalize on your current technology investment, whether on-premise or Cloud-based. From big picture roadmap assessments to technology implementations, project management, and in-house support services, our experts apply two decades of knowledge and business experience to enable solutions that maximize your business.  

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HSF Migration to Strategic Modeling in the CloudHSF Migration to Strategic Modeling in the CloudFixed scope offering to migrate an on-premise HSF application to Oracle’s innovative Strategic Modeling Cloud solution.2017-12-06T05:00:00ZFact Sheet
FDMEE vs Cloud Data ManagementFDMEE vs Cloud Data ManagementWhite paper focused on Finding the Right Data Integration Toolset for Cloud and Hybrid EPM Deployments2017-09-29T04:00:00ZWhite Paper
PBCS for Insurance ProjectionsPBCS for Insurance ProjectionsSolution Sheet: Driver-Based Planning & Forecasting for the Insurance Industry with Oracle Planning Cloud2017-07-26T04:00:00ZFact Sheet



Driving Performance at MasterCard Using PCMDriving Performance at MasterCard Using PCMCase Study - MasterCard2017-08-08T04:00:00ZCase Study
Support ServicesSupport ServicesProfessional Services company (CEB) Q2 2015 - Support Services2016-09-28T04:00:00ZCase Study
Financial Services - InfrastructureFinancial Services - InfrastructureFinancial Services (UMB Financial) - Infrastructure case study Q2 20152016-09-28T04:00:00ZCase Study



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Kscope18Kscope18Kscope 2018 ODTUG eventEvents