Business Analytics

Named one of the most promising Big Data Solution providers in 2016, Alithya builds solutions that allow users to explore datasets in an easy-to-use and consumer-friendly manner. Our Business Analytics solutions empower end users to dive into data for root cause analysis and discover correlations that are not possible with traditional approaches.

Our Solutions

Big Data Integration

Hadoop Jump Start
Unlock a world of insight into your data with a tailored data loading, storage, and access solution that meets the needs of your business.

Oracle Big Data Cloud Pilot
Skip the negotiation, installation, and configuration and instead dive right in to your data lake prior to making a buying decision.

Big Data Discovery Jump Start
Maximize the value of your Hadoop investment with data analysis, transformation, and discovery tools wrapped together in a single user interface.

Big Data Application

Healthcare Analytics
Population Health - Cohort Analysis
Identify populations of interest with agility and insure proper Quality of Care thresholds are being achieved.

Supply Chain Analytics
Procurement Analytics
Drive down costs with holistic view of suppliers and spend.
Quality 360
Correlate quality touchpoints to identify emerging issues.

Consumer Packaged Goods Analytics
The Power of Big Data Analytics
A case study on category management solutions cocused on consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.


Insurance Analytics
Fraud Detection and Prevention
Hone in on fraudulent activity with a discovery platform.
Maximizing the Expected Utility of Reinsurance
Make quick work of reinsurance analysis.

Customer Analytics
Customer Insights
Overcome the challenge of understanding customer insight with key business processes.
Customer 360
Create a complete profile to improve consumer loyalty.
Category Management
Increase market share and grow strategic categories.
Marketing Effectiveness
Maximize campaign spend and promotional effectiveness.
Sales Effectiveness
Empower sales and improve productivity.

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