​Learn how upstream, midstream, downstream, oilfield service, and integrated oil companies rely on Oracle software to make decisions and run their operations. Specifically, this webcast focuses on long range planning of existing businesses during a time of depressed commodity prices, and it demonstrates how scenarios and stress tests can help prepare management for a wide range of possible outcomes. Attendees will learn how to create models that allow analysis of alternative strategies that provide meaningful and actionable strategic plans to the Board and Senior Management.

See how Oracle’s Hyperion Strategic Finance (HSF) solution allows Oil & Gas companies to:

  • ​Consolidate field level P&Ls, layer in projects, balance sheet information, and corporate assumptions to arrive at a total company long-range plan
  • Run scenarios around key revenue and cost drivers, including energy prices, production levels, and staffing costs to view their impact on key performance indicators and to better understand risk
  • Model potential acquisitions/joint ventures to analyze whether​​ they add value to the company and are accretive for EPS​
  • Track firm-wide cash positions and allow surpluses to be transferred internally as needed; analyze liquidity and fund cash deficits with debt and equity financing while seeking to optimize capital structure​
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