​Healthcare payors today face challenges from volatile market conditions, increasing health care costs, and the compliance reporting requirements of Medical Loss Ratios (MLR) and government programs such as FEP and Medicare. Combine this with the fact that legacy financial applications are asked for more information and greater transparency while preserving the timeliness of the reporting cycle, many finance teams are pushed to the limit. 

Join us for an exciting presentation where Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) thought leaders Russ Papparotto and Mike Killeen discuss the challenges faced by healthcare payors today. During the webinar, case studies are presented to highlight how modern performance management applications such as Oracle Profitability & Cost Management (HPCM/PCMCS) help clients evolve traditional cost allocation functions into a strategic Profitability Analysis platform that closely ties to the financial close, planning & reporting processes, maximizing the value of the finance team to the organization.

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