Edgewater Ranzal's PCM Webinar Series

Combining the Simplicity of Oracle Profitability & Cost Management (PCMCS) with leading best practices from Oracle recognized experts.

Make your financial data meaningful, accurate, and consumable. View recordings of these helpful webinars to gain insight into a world of possibilities to enhance financial data using PCMC

PCMCS:  One Small Step…One Giant Leap

Provides an overview of PCMCS and its world of possibilities for organizations, both large and small, to enhance financial data generated through their General Ledgers and EPM systems into meaningful, accurate, and consumable data

PCMCS:  Float to the Cloud

Compares the differences between an on premise HPCM Standard Profitability application and a PCMCS application, highlighting the benefits of the HPCM Management Ledger and moving to the Cloud; investigates the criteria for undertaking a PCMCS conversion and provides a step-by-step process for migrating an HPCM Standard Profitability application to PCMCS.

Full Circle Planning, Cost Management, and Profitability in the Manufacturing Industry

Highlights the benefits afforded to Finance and businesses in the Manufacturing industry when they integrate Oracle Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) with Profitability & Cost Management Cloud Service (PCMCS)

Putting the Accountability into Accountable Care:  Transforming Data into Information with Oracle Profitability & Cost Management

Discusses the challenges faced by healthcare payors today; presents case studies to highlight how modern performance management applications such as Oracle Profitability & Cost Management (HPCM/PCMCS) help clients evolve traditional cost allocation functions into a strategic Profitability Analysis platform that closely ties to the financial close, planning & reporting processes

Profitability & Cost Management (PCMCS) for Manufacturers:  Product Standard Costs - An Elegant Solution for Labor and Overhead Rates

Describes the overall process for how labor and overhead rates get developed using a PCMCS solution and demonstrates how the solution accomplishes this task with increased efficiency

Connecting the Value of IT: The Discipline of Service Costing and Chargeback with PCMCS

Shares how Edgewater Ranzal partnered with Oracle EPM Product Management to define and deliver an IT starter kit (available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace) – a solution that is built on Oracle Profitability Cost Management Cloud Service (PCMCS) and that allows IT Finance to model IT costs and pivot from a Finance to Resource to Service to Consumer view, providing actionable perspectives through IT Costing, IT Showbacks, and IT Chargebacks.