Despite their importance to our organizations, the truth is that short- and long-term planning requirements all-too-often fall by the wayside as other priorities arise in an ever-dynamic environment.

The good news is that the robust capabilities of EBPCS (Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service) with Strategic Modeling can permanently alter this paradigm, offering a more streamlined solution that puts efficiency back into your Enterprise Planning efforts.

Our webcast, EPBCS with Strategic Modeling…A Match Made in Heaven, will walk you through a "Day in the Life" experience of an analyst tasked with modeling and analyzing a plan or forecast with both short- and long-term components.

In this presentation, you will gain a deeper understanding and be able to create more nuanced plan of action related to the:

  • Integration of detailed Cost Center level expense forecasts and higher-level full financial statement models
  • Enhancement of the short-term planning/budgeting process with Strategic Modeling's capabilities for BS/CF planning and scenario modeling
  • Leveraging of the various pieces of the solution to build complete Strategic Plan for the organization from end-to-end
  • Reporting of the plan in a centralized environment with access both detailed budget and high-level long-range planning details