​​Gain deeper insight into sales forecasts, customers, and buying patterns by leveraging Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) to extend CRM analytics beyond your organization's data in Salesforce.com. Oracle BICS provides a cloud reporting solution that, when integrated with Salesforce.com, creates an "all cloud" solution for CRM reporting.

In this webinar, Edgewater Ranzal and Oracle provide an overview of the BICS solution and how it enables companies to analyze and visualize data in minutes in order to gain insight into key metrics and make decisions that drive the business forward. Ranzal also shares how the integration of Salesforce.com and BICS fuels insights and analytics that extend far beyond basic Salesforce.com reporting.  In this webinar:

  • Gain an understanding of Oracle BI Cloud Service
  • See how Edgewater Ranzal provides a cloud to cloud integration of Salesforce.com and BICS
  • Learn how to quickly build visualizations of multiple data sources in BICS
  • Understand the value and insight gained when using BICS to extend Salesforce.com data with complimentary data
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