Using Enterprise Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS) to support annual budgeting and forecasting processes, organizations are choosing solutions that allow them to leverage the financials, capital and workforce business processes necessary to provide a drive-based solution that links expected intake to revenues and costs, producing integrated income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements.

Jim Clark, Group Manager of FP&A at Sims Metal Management, and Randy Schmitz, Practice Director at Edgewater Ranzal host this webcast - Automating Enterprise Planning with EPBCS: A Case Study Featuring Sims Metal Management - to take a detailed real-world look at how organizations like Sims are automating enterprise planning to streamline processes and produce better results.

In this presentation, you will gain a deeper understanding and be able to create more nuanced plan of action related to the:

  • Gain insight into specific ways Sims has used the EPBCS solution to increase efficiency and improve outcomes
  • Better understand how organizations like yours can make standardization and centralization a top priority
  • See how an integrated solution works not just in theory, but actually in practice
  • Follow the processes to results that include improved accuracy and increased efficiency across the enterprise

Contact us if you would like to view a recording of this webinar.