Data Governance and Integration

Data Governance and Integration
Integration. The Glue That Binds On-Premise and Cloud Solutions.

Everyone’s talking about it.  Every organization needs it:  Integration of key technical and business processes to provide consistent, secure and trusted data for a clear business outlook.  Plus, in the Cloud-era, integration allows businesses to explore a hybrid approach and connect current on-premise and future Cloud solutions. 

Edgewater Ranzal is a market-leading provider of Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Platform solutions leveraging: 

Our services help clients to recognize, transform and deliver data in a consistent, secure and integrated manner to produce trusted and governed information for overall performance management improvement. 

Whether data is sourced from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) or Business Intelligence (BI) systems, our unmatched experience and certified experts guide organizations to one single version of the truth.

We are specialists in Data Integration and its complementary technologies. As dedicated Oracle Advisory Board Members, we are shaping Oracle's latest products and aligning offerings with best practices.

Download White Paper: DRM for Cloud-Based Technologies

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Tim Walsh, Director of Financial Systems, WestRock discusses the success of integrating 80 sources in 100 Days with Oracle DRM & FDMEE.




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