About Us

Edgewater Ranzal's team of seasoned business strategists brings deep technical expertise, trusted global resources, and years of enterprise experience to every client engagement and project. We are committed to leading clients to the EPM/BI solution that makes the most sense for now and that can evolve seamlessly as business changes and scales. Your organization will reap the rewards of our 20+ years in business, longstanding Oracle partnership, and proven track record with over 1,000 clients and 2,000 projects. How can we help you?

​We are Business Analytics Leaders

Established 1,000+ customers and 2,000+ projects across North America and Europe
Practiced Oracle Platinum Partner with over 200 certified consultants and Oracle ACEs
Connected Recognized advisory relationship with Oracle Product Development, CAB, and SIG members
Focused A multiproduct focus across the entire Oracle Business Analytics Suite