Financial Services companies continue to face several challenges that impact profitability: 

  • Encouraging revenue growth and sustaining profitability in a dynamic environment
  • Pressure on asset quality – loan portfolios - and strengthening capital positions
  • Developing new sources of revenue
  • Competing with aggressive, innovative, non-traditional competitors
  • Promoting customer retention and relationships with unique business value
  • Restoring confidence in the industry
  • Security & privacy
  • Integrating a risk management culture into daily operations
  • Regulatory pressure 

Attaining a strategic perspective is key to overcoming these challenges. One way to gain the needed insight is to better understand internal costs and how possible misalignment with revenue-generating departments impacts profits. 

In this webinar, Tom Gargas, Director of Solutions Consulting, shares how Alithya helps companies use Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud Service (PCMCS) to gain more strategic insight into underlying cost structures and ultimate profitability. The presentation provides:

  • An overview of business needs using a perspective around corporate and shared service allocations
  • An overview of the PCMCS solution capabilities and functionality
  • A demo of the PCMCS application

Contact us if you would like to view a recording of this webinar.