​Tuesday, 10/23  |  1:30 - 3:00pm

Thirsty Bear Brewing Company


Oracle Analytics Cloud Workshop

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) provides autonomous analytics to power every decision to be data driven. In this workshop, you'll have a hands-on opportunity to see some of OAC’s collaborative, flexible, enterprise class components and features that allow it to connect people, places, data, and systems to fundamentally change how users analyze, understand, and act on information. You'll also see how it easily integrates with Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) tools to provide a comprehensive solution.

We will import data to create a data catalog, build dynamic dashboards with robust visualizations, and conclude with an overview of the advanced analytics capabilities integrated throughout the platform for a complete self-service analytics experience.

The workshop will allow attendees to see how:

  • departments and individual users can leverage self-service analytics
  • data visualization delivers real-time insights with custom charts
  • to create multiple scenarios of predictive analysis for enhanced decision-making
  • the power of Machine Learning is placed in the hands of the user
  • a Cloud Analytics platform delivers increased productivity, innovation, and agility

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Enter your contact information and press the Submit button.