Companies continue to focus on profitability as a major indicator of business performance. With this focus, Finance often relies on large, complex allocation models (sometimes “black box” systems) that provide management with strategic P&Ls by geographical area, business unit, product, segment, and more.

Key requirements may also include:

  • Help line-of-business management understand its profitability and the factors driving corporate or shared service expenses to its departments
  • Understand which products are more profitable than others across various channels or regions
  • Evaluate the impact that key business drivers such as revenue, volume, and headcount have on allocations and overall profitability
  • Build what-if models in a self-service capacity without having to rely on IT or cumbersome spreadsheets


In this webinar, Tom Gargas, Principal Solutions Architect, shares how Edgewater Ranzal helps companies use Oracle Profitability Cost Management Cloud Service (PCMCS) to gain more strategic insight into their underlying cost structures and ultimate profitability. The presentation provides:

  •  An overview of business needs using a perspective around corporate and shared service allocations
  • An overview of the PCMCS solution capabilities and functionality
  • A demo of the PCMCS application


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