Information Technology Financial Management (ITFM) Solutions:  Improving Communication Between CIOs and CFOs

Three Market Leaders Join Forces:  Alithya, Oracle, and Thavron Solutions

"This collaboration brings a unique intersection of technology, strategy and implementation expertise to the ITFM space.  We see a compelling opportunity to further strengthen the bonds between the offices of the CFO and CIO and bring a common language to the business."  - Matt Bradley, Senior Vice President, Product Development, Oracle

For the good of your organization, it's imperative that the CIO and the CFO speak the same shared language of value and that they connect in an effort to move forward in the most aligned and productive manner possible. 

Speaking a shared language — one that offers a unified financial model view and is based on shared definition of value — is key to finding a solution. The discipline of ITFM (IT Financial Management) is about equipping both of these executive-level offices and their teams with a better language.


With an ITFM solution, you are able to: 

  • Reduce the time that IT Finance spends on managing the business processes, providing more time for value-added analytical activities
  • Give IT Managers more detailed, timely, accurate data to better understand the cost & effectiveness of the services and projects they are delivering
  • Provide Line-of-Business managers with cost transparency into IT allocations and chargebacks, allowing them to better align their consumption of services with their business goals


ITFM focuses on these finance business processes:  

  • IT Planning: Budgeting & forecasting of IT Operating and Capital Spend
  • IT Costing: Linking supply side financial cost structures with demand side consumption for services and projects
  • IT Chargebacks: Equitably charging lines-of-business for internal services and projects performed (or Showback)


We Have Options, You Have Options

Contact us today to learn more about our preferred solution for IT Service Costing — co-developed with Oracle and executed with Thavron Solutions — and based on PCMCS (Profitability and Cost Management Cloud Service).  Oracle's PCMCS is a cloud-based, packaged performance management application. It offers, in one package, a rules engine for cost allocations, embedded analytics, and data management platform.


What is an IT Financial Management (ITFM) Health Check?

An ITFM assessment/health check provides meaningful information about where an organization is ready to go and the gaps that need to be addressed in order to ensure project success.  The deliverables of a health check include:

  • ITFM Maturity/Gap Assessment for data systems, processes & people, and governance
  • ITFM roadmap with short and long-term goals and high-level milestone identification
  • 6 month critical path high-level plan

Invest 30 Minutes to Ensure Success.

Using proprietary tools, our health check assesses your ITFM maturity through quantitative and qualitative results and provides a roadmap to assist with technology investment project planning and executive onboarding.  For more information or to schedule a complimentary health check with our trusted CIO advisor, Thavron Solutions, who will provide results on the spot, contact us today.





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